Central Baptist Association
Monday, May 25, 2020
One Mission--The Great Commission

Jerusalem Missions

What is "Jerusalem Missions"? 

 "Jerusalem Missions" is a mission-action partnership of the Men?s
and Women?s Ministries in Central Baptist Association.
 What is the VISION of "Jerusalem Missions"? 

 "Jerusalem Missions" exists to support and enhance the mission-action ministries of each congregation of believers in Central Baptist Association as they seek to share Christ through meeting physical needs in their community.
What is the MISSION of "Jerusalem Missions"?

The MISSION of "Jerusalem Missions" is:

To Glorify Jesus and follow His guidelines of ministry set forth in Matthew 25:31-40.
To establish and maintain an associational Food Pantry and Clothes Close
To establish a network of volunteers, with varying skills (carpentry, electrical, plumbing, etc), who are willing to work together on repair/building projects in this area
To establish a network of volunteers/representatives in each church for channeling information and requests to and from their church\To inform and encourage volunteers as they serve in their church and community
To offer ideas that will help volunteers in involving their church in mission-action efforts in their community